Please pass this motion, or a text based on it, in your union branch or committee, or other labour movement organisation.

This workplace / meeting / branch of the XXX union / political / community organisation:

a) condemns Abigroup for mounting a serious legal attack on community activist Bob Carnegie in relation to his role in the 9-week dispute at the Queensland Children’s Hospital from July to October 2012;

b) believes that this legal attack is an attempt to intimidate every community activist who may in future wish to assist workers in obtaining justice;

c) offers its full support to Bob Carnegie;

d) resolves to publicise Bob Carnegie’s case and the demand that Abigroup drops all the charges against him;

e) agrees to a levy of ___ per member and/or a donation of  ___ for the Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign; and

f) calls on the Gillard Government to repeal the clauses in the Fair Work legislation that allow employers to take out injunctions against trade union officials and community activists assisting workers during industrial disputes.

Please send donations and notifications of motions passed to the campaign at P O Box 298, Corinda, Qld 4075 or

Union branches and committees outside Australia may wish to amend point (f) of this motion.


3 responses to “Motion

  1. Have just been made aware of the Bob Carnegie campaign and will bring this to the notice of and seek support from the Regional Broad Left within Unite the Union North West England.
    Eddie Roberts-Retired Union Officer

  2. My comment is as above, that having been made aware of the actions taken against this comrade I will ensure that union activists within Unite the Union in the North West are also informed and asked to support the demand that theses actions be dropped. I will also circulate the information to a wider network of TU activists.
    Eddie Roberts

  3. Thanks for your support, Eddie!

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