Leaflets, posters, and letter

Leaflet about the civil case against Bob, November 2013

Click here to download the leaflet.

Posters available from the campaign (click to enlarge, then right click and select ‘save image as’ to download):

DefendBobC-poster-sm (1) DefendBobC-poster-b&w-sm (1)

Click here to download the colour poster as a PDF (bigger, higher resolution).

Click here to download the black and white poster as a PDF.

Click here to download the latest campaign leaflet as a PDF.

Click here to download a leaflet from Workers’ Liberty containing an in-depth article on the campaign and an article by Bob. Please note, this is not an official campaign leaflet – however, campaign supporters may find it a useful resource.

Please send a letter based on the text below from your labour movement organisation, or from you personally, to Abigroup, with a copy to the Defence Campaign via P O Box 298, Corinda, Qld 4075 or tombram@gmail.com.

To: David Saxelby
Chief Operating Officer Lend Lease & Head of Abigroup
Abigroup Limited & Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd
Level 20 The Zenith Tower B
821 Pacific Highway
Chatswood NSW 2067

Dear Sir

Re: Civil Case Against Bob Carnegie

We call on you to drop your legal proceedings against community activist Bob Carnegie in relation to his role in the August-October 2012 dispute at the Queensland Children’s Hospital construction site.

In that dispute you eventually conceded the justice of the workers’ demand for a union agreement with a clause ensuring the rate for the job to all workers on the site whatever subcontractor they work for. You also agreed not to pursue legal proceedings for damages against a number of workers on the site.

The financial losses incurred by Abigroup during the dispute would better have been avoided by negotiating and agreeing to the workers’ demand much earlier. It is as obvious to you as to us that those losses cannot be recouped by legal proceedings against a person like Bob Carnegie who has no financial resources other than what an ordinary worker has.

In this context your proceedings against Bob Carnegie can only be seen as a spiteful attempt to intimidate every community activist who may in future wish to assist workers in obtaining justice.

We urge you to drop the legal proceedings.

Yours sincerely



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