“Fellow workers, comrades – case dismissed. WE WON!”

On FridBob Carnegieay 16 August, Federal Magistrate Michael Burnett dismissed all 18 charges of contempt of court brought against Bob. We’ve won!

2,000 construction workers stopped work to a demonstration at the Federal Court in Brisbane, with around 100 cramming into the courtroom to hear the verdict.

Burnett ruled that the terms of Abigroup’s order to keep Bob away from the construction site were not sufficiently clear, and dismissed the case.

The judgement is a huge victory for working-class and community activism, and tells corporate bosses they cannot initimidate activists out of building solidarity with workers’ struggles.

Emerging from court, Bob said: “Fellow workers, comrades – case dismissed. We won!”

The fight isn’t entirely over, as Bob still faces a civil case brought against him by Abigroup, but today’s news is a huge victory.

We’ll post more news and reaction later, but for now, a huge thank you to all our supporters across the world who’ve helped keep up the pressure and maintain the profile of the campaign.


3 responses to ““Fellow workers, comrades – case dismissed. WE WON!”

  1. Congratulations, Bob. A fantastic victory which would not have been possible without the big and well-deserved mobilisations in your support.

  2. Congratulations to Bob Carnegie and the CFMEU!

    This is a historic victory!

    The rights of Australian workers to take effective industrial action, which were criminalised by former Prime Minister Malcom Fraser and his successors, have been won back.

    You may find of interest the article “Dismissal of charges against Bob Carnegie” at http://candobetter.net/?q=node/3399 . It adds some historic perspective to the story.

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