Verdict due 16 August


** FRIDAY 16 AUGUST, 9am!**

Bob has just been advised that the magistrate who has been deliberating on the 18 outstanding charges of criminal contempt arising from the 9 week strike at the Queensland Children’s Hospital last year will be handing down his verdict on 16 August.

ALL SUPPORTERS OF UNION AND COMMUNITY ACTIVISM must get to the rally called outside the Federal Court to show our support for Bob. Tank Street entrance, corner of North Quay, Brisbane.

Tell your friends and comrades, share this information and come along with your banners tomorrow morning!

TOUCH ONE, TOUCH ALL! Let’s stand by Bob as he has stood by workers in struggle for the past 25 years.


One response to “Verdict due 16 August

  1. These big developers in cahoots with their right wing political mates will try and get away with anything that saves them a few dollars which they can then squander on the trappings of capitalist success. Workers are simply regarded in much the same way as a crane, bulldozer or any other mode of production. Congratulations to all construction workers who have made a principled stand in support of a brave comrade. Let’s unionists in other industries join the struggle.

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